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Our Efforts in Mongolia

Since 2016, Catalyste+ has been enhancing governance for sustainable economic and social development in Mongolia. Our program, Mongolia: Enhancing Resource Management through Institutional Transformation (MERIT), is centered on strengthening the capacity of public institutions to implement responsible natural resources management. We work with central and regional governments and educational institutions to make sure that the natural resource sector enhances economic opportunity, social inclusion and environmental stewardship. 

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Jennifer Adams, Country Director

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Our Focus

Enhancing Governance

Technical assistance supports public sector partners to implement and evaluate policies on petroleum, heavy industry and gender. Civil servants are guided by best practices and international standards for sustainable resource management. We focus on multi-stakeholder engagement that enables collaboration, coherence and transparency between companies, different levels of government and communities. Enhancing community consultation in resource development projects keeps economic, social and environmental considerations in balance.

Community Economic Development

We support resource sector cooperation agreements to reflect local interests and offer better benefits to communities, such as employment, education and funding opportunities. We assist micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to increase their participation in the mining supply chain.

Promoting Gender Equality

Training and knowledge sharing tools enhance gender-sensitive practices and processes. Leadership training for women civil servants and stakeholder staff encourage women to assume management roles.

Environment and Climate Action

We’re strengthening environmental management practices during the mine lifecycle and mine closure planning. We enable better collaboration among civil servants working in environmental protection.

How We’ve Made a Difference in Mongolia

▪ We engaged over 3,000 community members in resource development activities, providing training on local cooperation agreements and mine and petroleum lifecycles.

▪ Two field manuals on water management and mine reclamation and closure were developed to support environmental specialists during mine inspections.

▪ Equipped with e-learning solutions, over 26,000 public servants completed training in results-based management, and over 7,000 people strengthened their knowledge in gender mainstreaming.

▪ A Public Service Gender Community of Practice and Women’s Leadership Network were created to exchange best practices on gender sensitivity and leadership.

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