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Building strategic plans for Senegalese solar energy company

After retiring from a fulfilling career leading Canadian corporations, Bertrand Rousseau has taken his expertise and experience to help businesses and organizations in Haiti, Senegal and Benin grow.

Bertrand Rousseau, CESO expert (middle-left) with Mr. Libasse NIANG, President and Owner of ENERGECO Afrique (right) and his employees. (photo: Bertrand Rousseau)

In his recent assignment, Bertrand worked with Libasse NIANG, President of ENERGECO Afrique, a local solar energy provider based in Senegal to develop a new five-year strategic plan. “Prior to my official visit, I communicated with Mr. NIANG to know more about him and his vision for the company. Our conversation helped me clarify the needs and opportunities of the company, and also to familiarize myself with Mr. Niang’s vision. These are not always apparent in the assignment requests we receive.”

The preparation helped Bertrand to prepare activities and workshops that will involve the leadership, staff and consumers of ENERGECO in developing the strategic plan. It was a big task, but Bertrand said: “It was a really interesting exercise that brought to life the company’s new strategic plan. Together, we mapped out the future direction of the company while uncovering challenges and solutions. I also helped develop an evaluation tool that will enable the team to assess and adjust the plan as they move along in the future.”

Staff and management of ENERGECO Afrique in their headquarters. (photo: Bertrand Rousseau)

“It was a lot of work, but very fulfilling! Thanks to Mr. Niang and his team’s exceptional collaboration and dedication, the assignment was a success,” shares Bertrand about the entire experience.

When asked about his thoughts on what he’s learned as a volunteer, he reflects: “My experience as a volunteer has been very rewarding. I can go on and on about it, but to say the least, being a volunteer has taught me more than I have given. A close second is that I’ve proven that age doesn’t matter. What matters is our willingness to give, to listen and to work side-by-side.”