A transparent, participatory governance structure is key for the equitable and sustainable use of resources. Mongolia: Enhancing Resource Management through Institutional Transformation (MERIT) program, funded by Global Affairs Canada, supports this aim by strengthening the capacity of public institutions to implement responsible natural resources management. Enhancing natural resource governance helps maximize the sector’s contribution to sustainable economic and social development—and a better quality of life for all Mongolians.


Program Details

Where: Mongolia

Duration: 2016-2024

Our interventions are guided by Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy.

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Program Focus

Technical Advisors collaborate with partners at the central and local  levels of government to strengthen capacity by sharing knowledge, training and tools adapted to local needs. We’re focused on strengthening public sector management practices, collaboration and communication between central and provincial levels of government, and the institutionalization of learning and sustainability.

Enhancing gender equality, environmental sustainability and community development while building capacity in human resources, results-based management, leadership and knowledge sharing make up the core of our efforts.

The Change We Bring

Under effective governance systems, mining activities bring lasting benefits for communities, with multi-stakeholder cooperation agreements that invite their meaningful participation and address education and employment opportunities, environmental stewardship, and business development. Suppliers, producers and other small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) increase earnings and connections with companies in mining supply chains. Educational institutions offer quality training and knowledge sharing tools on SME development, gender sensitivity and environmental management.

Public servants trained
Million in income (CAD) generated from Local Cooperation Agreements in 2021
Income ($ CAD) generated by 11 SMEs
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