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Our Efforts in Belize

Catalyste+ has been working in Belize for more than 20 years, strengthening local government, businesses and organizations. Our partnerships promote a business enabling environment, job creation and sustainable economic development. The Canada-CARICOM Expert Deployment Mechanism is centered on building the capacity of government organizations to further these efforts while promoting gender equality and climate-resilient communities.

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Natalie Morris, Regional Representative

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Our Focus

Three smiling women in Belize

Driving Community Economic Development 

We provide technical assistance to government organizations to strengthen negotiation skills and implement international standards that support inclusive trade agreements. 

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Enhancing Governance

We build the capacity of government organizations to develop, monitor and evaluate policies, regulations and practices that are responsive to marginalized groups and meet the challenges of climate change. Technical assistance in evidence and results-based management helps ensure the successful delivery of development initiatives.

How We’ve Made a Difference in Belize

▪ The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Immigration adopted international standards of practice in trade, improving the ability of staff to conduct service and investment negotiations. 

▪ With training in fund development and project management, the Ministry of Human Development, Families, and Indigenous Peoples is equipped to apply for grants toward social services.

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Volunteer with Catalyste+

By sharing your professional knowledge and expertise, you can make a positive difference in Canada and around the world. We’ve been successfully matching our volunteer Catalyste+ Advisors with clients and partners in over 120 countries since 1967. Our Advisors drive both economic and social change by strengthening the private sector and creating an environment for communities to thrive.