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Agribusiness is one of the largest contributors to economies in vulnerable and marginalized communities around the world. Our efforts support a resilient and inclusive sector that benefits people and communities by creating sustainable employment, alleviating food insecurity, improving health and nutrition, and reducing poverty.

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Environment and Climate Action

Climate change is accelerating at an alarming rate, impacting lives and livelihoods, especially among the most vulnerable. We’re strengthening environment and climate action that helps reverse environmental degradation and contribute to sustainable economic growth.  

Gender Equality

Women and girls make up half the world’s population and therefore half of its potential. While gender inequality and discrimination against women persist globally, social and economic progress is stalled. We’re promoting women’s equal participation as agents of change in economic, social and political spheres.

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Good governance creates a foundation for economic growth and contributes to the protection of human rights and the environment. We’re promoting transparency and accountability, effectiveness and efficiency in public decision-making, equitable access to public services, and the creation of a business enabling environment.

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Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Value Chains

Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (MSMEs) play an important role in private sector growth—a driver of economic prosperity. We’re strengthening employment-rich value chains, empowering entrepreneurs and helping businesses enhance production, profitability and sustainability.

A woman gives training on mine reclamation and water resources monitoring

Natural Resources Management

Exploration, extraction, distribution and manufacturing activities involved in the use of natural resources shape economic development. The sustainable and equitable governance, management and use of natural resources is critical for protecting the livelihoods that depend on them, as well as the health of ecosystems.

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Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism and hospitality is one of the fastest-growing economic sectors in the world, providing employment opportunities, generating income and helping transform communities. We’re building resilience in the sector, helping partners adapt and recover from crises like COVID-19. 


Our experts support all aspects of forest management, including strategic planning, marketing, climate change adaptation, sustainable production, harvesting and conservation techniques, and negotiation with stakeholders.

A waomn sits on a rock formation by a body of water in Nunavut weaving yarn

Arts, Recreation and Culture

We offer technical assistance in craftwork, including pottery, jewelry making, weaving, embroidery, and textile and leather production. Our experts are highly skilled in museum curation and management, exhibitions and events. Our Advisors incorporate support in business development, manufacturing, quality assurance, sales and marketing, and international trade.

Business Support Services

Our Advisors help establish and collaborate with organizations that support other businesses in areas such as finance and accounting, human resources, legal and real estate, and marketing and communications. Our experts extend professional advice on business strategy, operations, efficiency and effectiveness.

Economic Development, Microfinance and Finance

Our Advisors collaborate with social entrepreneurs, governments, microfinance and financial institutions, chambers of commerce, credit unions, and other organizations that provide financial services and credit. Our experts offer professional knowledge and expertise in policy development, resource management, financial planning, accounting and economic challenges mitigation.

Woman points to book, teaching young schoolboys in Tanzania

Educational Services

Our Advisors collaborate with teachers, administrators, academic institutions, vocational training centres and other educational organizations. They offer expertise in curriculum development, competency-based learning, human resources and marketing. Our Advisors incorporate support with strategic planning, business development and organizational effectiveness.

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Food and Beverage Production

Our experts provide advice and training in research and development, production, quality control, logistics, negotiation, sales and marketing, packaging and distribution, export, and navigating limited access to raw materials.

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Health, Nutrition and Social Services

Our Advisors support health departments and institutions, medical facilities, councils and ministries, research institutions and laboratories, associations, and organizations offering community, social and wellness services. Our experts extend professional advice in social assistance, counselling, child protection and care, community housing, food services, and vocational rehabilitation.

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Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Offering strategic and functional IT solutions, our Advisors collaborate with telecommunication service providers and partners involved in the design, development and manufacturing of ICT equipment.

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Our Advisors help manufacturing businesses grow and thrive by offering expertise in production and supply chain operations, packaging, process automation, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, international standards and practices, maintenance management and risk identification.

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Wholesale and Retail Trade

Our experts harness their expertise in trade policy, sourcing, storage, distribution, shipping and merchandising to support suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, shipping and logistics companies, retailers and end clients.